OMT Maritime Design Cup 2022

Try yacht racing with expert instruction from some of the most skilled members of the Danish national sailing team








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Odense Maritime Technology A/S invites students to the sailing event OMT Maritime Design Cup 2022. An event on the water for students who share the same interest in sailing and/or ship design. A day in good company where you will compete against each other in racing on the water – an ideal sport to combine competition with fun.

The event is free for all students and everyone can join, even if you never have sailed before. At the event, you will get expert instruction from some of the most skilled members of the Danish national sailing team.

The day starts with a briefing and introduction to racing, as well as various aspects of sailing before we head out. You will be divided into teams who will compete against each other on the water. After the sailing, the day will end with debriefing and the announcement of the best team of the day.

Look forward to joining when OMT Maritime Design Cup 2022 on the 30th of September will sail from Skovshoved Harbor in Copenhagen.





What to expect from OMT Maritime Design Cup 2022

You will be greeted and introduced to the instructors who are members of the Danish sailing team. You will here also be introduced to safety and be divided into teams of 4-5 people.

Each team will get handed out sailing clothes, life jackets, and an instructor. The instructor is on board with you all day when you will be competing to get past the finish line first.

On the water, we begin with practice. The focus will here be on thorough learning how to handle the boat. In no time with no prior skills, you will know how to sail.

The instructors will make sure that all new sailors after a very short amount of time will know how to handle the boat on their own. On the boats, it is called left, right, red string, and blue string and not technical terms and other complicating factors.

After the practice, there will be a few test races where the teams can practice on the racetrack. When you are ready the competition will begin. Each race lasts about 20 minutes and will be sailed close to shore which makes the race very convenient for the audience and makes it easy to understand the sport.

After the races, the winner of the day will be announced.


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OMT Design Cup



Skovshoved Harbor, Copenhagen


September 30th at 11:30 – 17:00

Registration deadline

June 17th, 2022

How many participants

60 participants



Good answers to good questions

Program of the day

Skal jeg kunne sejle?

Nej bestemt ikke. Eventet er for både sejlere og ikke sejlere. På hver båd findes en dygtig instruktør, som lærer jer alt hvad I skal vide og som er med jer hele dagen. 

Who is invited?

The event is for all students. Do you have an interest in sailing and ship design then this is definitely an event for you.

Does it cost me anything?

No. The event is free for students and it will therefore not cost you anything to join.

What about food and drinks?

You will not have to think about that. Odense Maritime Technology A/S who is behind the event will make sure there is food and water for everyone.

Do I get seasick?

No you will som udgangspunkt not become seasick on the boats. It is really rare that vi experience seasickness. The boat is stable on the water and does not have the same rocking motions as we do from ferries.

Can I fall overboard?

Only if you choose on your own to jump into the water. 😊 With skilled instructors on every boat, you have secured safe sailing.

11:30 Arrival Skovshoved Harbor
11:45 Odense Maritime Technology and Dansk Sejlunion says welcome

Introduction to sailing and making teams
Sailing clothes, gloves, and life jackets will be handed out
– Each team gets an instructor


Practice racing begins


Tune-up race. Last practice.
1st race
2nd race
3rd race

16:45 Announcement of the winner
17:00 Thanks for today